Ladder Rules

Any club member is eligible to participate and make a challenge.

  • There is an A group and a B group.
  • A group is 4.0 or better and the B group is 3.5 or lower.
  • Player can play up but cannot play down.

Challenge season is April 15 – October 31.

All matches earn points to determine end-of-season champion in both groups. Player must play a minimum of 3 matches against 3 different opponents to qualify for the end-of-season champion.

Match format is best 2 out of 3 sets with the 3rd set being a super tie-break (first to 10 points and leading by 2 points).  USTA rules apply.  Challenger supplies the tennis balls.

If the match is signed up on the chalkboard as a “Challenge Match,” the court does not have to be vacated based on the 30-minute rule until the match is completed.

Match scores must be posted in the clubhouse on the clipboard to the right of the tennis ladders to count toward points.  Winner required to post final score.

The top 10 in total points for each group will be displayed on the challenge ladder.  Actual points and total matches played will be posted on the club bulletin board with an as of date.

 Points awarded as follows:

Matches against a first time opponent

  • 75 to the winner & 50 to the loser

All other matches  (with exception noted in red)

  •     50 to the winner & 25 to the loser

After 3rd match against same opponent

  •     25 to the winner & 15 to the loser

Hilton Singles Challenger coordinators are:  Ron Comeaux, Andy Mueller, and Joe Coccimiglio